Good Sports - 10 Seconds with Niki Gudex


"One of Australia’s top ranked female cross country mountain bikers, Niki Gudex talks to Erin Craven about her love of the sport and her goals."

Lives Sydney.

Occupation Athlete / Graphic designer / Sports Model.

Favourite Food She has a weakness for chocolate.

Why did you take up the sport? I was an avid snow boarder, but a combination of a major injury and the lack of snow saw me out in the Jindabyne bush on a bike one day. Then every thing seemed to just come together. It feels natural.

You've become the female 'face' of the sport. Is that something you're comfortable with? Yes, I hope that it helps people to see the sport as friendly and versatile.

What keeps you motivated? Winning at higher levels. I have just returned from racing in the American National races, the World Cup series and the World Championships.

Are you competitive? For those things I have chosen to focus on, yes. But if I were to play a game of golf or something different, I would just enjoy trying something new and not expect to be the best.

What's the toughest thing about the sport? Mountain biking is about over coming everything that nature can throw at you. All the things that make it so difficult are the reasons I love it.

What does your training involve? I ride about 500 km a week. I also go to the gym a few times a week to do weight training. I train every day.

Is diet a major part of this? After training, racing and travelling so much you realise the importance of a good diet for your body and mind. I try to keep food as natural as possible, and keep away from too much sugar.

What else do you do to maintain your health? I try to have a massage once a week and go to the physio regularly. I also take a multivitamin and other vitamins as necessary.

Have you ever been injured? I had one accident where I hurt my lower back and hips, but with massage and stretching, it is getting better.

You received a University 'Blue Award' in 2002. What is that? It is an international acknowledgement for sporting achievement.

What is your next goal? My biggest goal in the near future is Athens. Australia will only qualify for one spot in the female cross country, and it will be extremely competitive for that spot. It will make for a very interesting eight or nine months. Other than that, it is too early in my cross country career for me to expect that I will be there.

Profile: Erin Craven. "Good Sports - 10 Seconds with Niki Gudex" Good Medicine Magazine, November 2003 Issue.