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"FilmInk grills your favourite sports stars about the movies that move them. Mountain biking isn't just for the boys - as champion Niki Gudex will attest. She's only been in the sport for three years and is already ranked the number two rider in Australia. And while she may have broken more than her fair share of bones, it hasn't stopped her being voted Australia's Sexiest Sportswoman by Inside Sport magazine. Amazingly, she also finds time to catch a movie every now and then..."

Do you have an all-time favourite movie that you can watch again and again? I don’t really have any one all time favourite, but some of the movies I have seen more than once include Amelie, Chasing Amy, The Fifth Element, Star Wars, Show Me Love, The Dinner Game, My Life As A Dog, The City of Lost Children and Being John Malkovich.

What’s the first film that you can remember seeing? I think it would have to be Walt Disney’s Bambi.

Who are your most admired actors and actresses? Natalie Portman is great! Also Angelina Jolie, Ursula Andress, Jessica Alba and Audrey Tautou.

Do you have a preferred genre or type of film that you enjoy most? I guess most of the films I like could be considered Arthouse.

What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Frida.

Did you like it? Yes.

What was the last film you watched at home? Birthday Girl.

Are you a fan of DVD? Yes, definitely, it makes it much easier if you want to watch a particular scene.

At the video shop, do you check for old favourites or head straight to the new releases? That depends, generally I head for the new releases unless I am looking for something in particular.

What is the worst movie you have seen recently? The Blackout.

Have you ever seen a film that you watched and disliked, but then ended up appreciating? Not as such. I watched A Beautiful Mind which is a pretty amazing film, but it is quite disturbing at the same time. It was a very moving film because it really captured the essence of how powerful the mind can be.

When at the movies, what are your munchies of choice? Always chocolate!

Do you stay for the credits, or walk out as soon as the lights come up? That really depends on the type of film that it was.

Are there any athletes that remind you of a certain movie star? The current World Cup Mountain Bike Champ Steve Peat reminds me of Hugh Grant’s flatmate in the movie Notting Hill.

Have you or any of your coaches ever used a movie as inspiration? Jordan (IMAX), In Bed With Madonna, 8 Mile and Star Wars are a few of the movies that I have found something in. They were already talented people but they took the initiative to turn that into something more and worked hard to achieve it, each against their own odds.

Any Aussie films that stand out for you? I would have to say BMX Bandits, I still remember the first time I saw it, we jumped a BMX into the pool straight after watching it!

The worst sequel to a great original? Aren’t most...

Even though you are an adult, do you get into any kids movies? I have three younger brothers so they often tell me about movies they have seen. I liked the Harry Potter movies and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Monsters Inc.

Have you heard enough gossip in the bike world to make a motion picture? Hmmm, yes...

Have you ever walked out of a movie? Yes.

Profile: Luisa Browett. Photographed by: Ezra Patchett. "Keeping It Reel - FilmInk Jocks" FilmInk Magazine, May 2003 Issue.

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