Black Eye Gallery Summer Show

"Niki Gudex's sensual image Water #1 is included in the 'Black Eye Gallery Summer Show' curated by Sandy Edwards. The exhibition showcases the work of twenty four local photographic artists who have been inspired by the warmth and long days of the unique Australian summer."

The collective and individual experiences of summer are captured by each of the artists, celebrating the time of year when memories are created and souls rejuvenated. The photographic works are by a mix of new and established artists, all selected by renowned photographer and curator Sandy Edwards.

The Black Eye Gallery 2014 Summer Show Artists; Paul Blackmore, Toby Burrows, Danielle Bywaters, Jill Carter-Hansen, Aletheia Casey, Patricia Casey, Heather Dinas, Tom Evangelidis, Niki Gudex, Luke Hardy, Darren Harris, Sean Izzard, Ryan Kenny, Sally McInerney, Godelieve Mols, Rachel Mounsey, Ian Provest, Zorica Purlija, Chris Round, Lynn Smith, Peter Solness, Anke Stacker, Tamara Voninski and Julie Williams.

Until 2 February 2014, "Summer Show 2014" Black Eye Gallery, Sydney, Australia