Ask Coach Gudex

"How to ride. We ask professional mountain bike racer Niki Gudex questions. You learn."

Ask Coach Gudex - How To Ride

How do I ride uphill without getting exhausted? "Make sure you're in a low gear before you start. Spin your pedals at about 90 rpm. Keep your body weight slightly forward - But don't lean too far or you will lose traction. Standing and sitting use different muscles, so mix it up on long climbs."

How about downhill? "Keep your weight back, and keep off the brakes---it's safer. Stay relaxed and use your arms and legs to absorb the terrain; the best suspension is your body."

What's the best way to take a curve? "In corners, lean the bike, not your body. Finish braking before you start to turn into a corner. This sets you up to exit the corner with maximum speed."

How do I know what bike is right for me? "Buy the best frame and fork that you can afford, and worry about the components later. When you look at your bike in 2 years, you will probably have replaced a lot of the components through wear and tear."

How do I race if I'm slow and fat? "Just pick up a bike and go. Racing is more than the pros; there are categories for every rider's ability."


"Ask Coach Gudex" Maxim Magazine, August 2005 Issue.

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