Temptation Island


The world's fastest DH girls drop in on Oz.

When AMB first got word that a bombardment of female DH talent was headed for our shores, we showered for the first time in ages, put on our best (semi clean) socks and cruised the airport arrival lounges to find out more.

It's no secret that our fine country has attracted the fastest MTB pilots in the world for years now, but these racers are usually the kind who pee standing up. As it turns out, four of the fastest ladies on Earth picked Australia as part of their summer holiday location - a cunning co-ordinated plan or just coincidence? Why have all the ladies migrated south for the winter? (their winter, dumbass!) We didn't know what we were going to make of all this.

These girls weren't going to make it easy for us to get to the bottom of the mystery - they had spread themselves across three states, hiding out with other Aussie World Cup celebrities. So to get some straight answers we took three of our best known local lassies aside and threw the question book at them as well. Then it was onto the foreigners!!

Tai-Lee Muxlow, April Ann Lawyer, Niki Gudex, Sabrina Jonnier, Katrina Miller, Kathy Pruitt, and Fionn Griffiths.

Niki Gudex Lives Sydney Rides for Intense, Oakley, Roeckl, Shimano, Pedros

Virtually all of the fastest DH girls in the world are out here at the moment. What's their sudden attraction to Australia? We have the summer. I guess the weather and the relaxed atmosphere here would have to be a factor for many of the overseas riders, plus everyone on the circuit can hang out together over the Aussie season, so it is great for training. Maybe some partying in there too?

Does Australia have the best riding in the world? I think there are lots of places that are good for riding, but Australia would definitely have to be one of the best. It is always nice to ride new tracks. I had a great time in Whistler, I ended up going there three times last season. That place is awesome.

Who is the fastest woman on an MTB on the planet at the moment? Anne-Caro! She rules. She's been doing it for so many years now. The motivation and drive she has it phenomenal!

What have you been up to lately? Well I have just got back into my training program now - getting on track for the upcoming races. I had some time off the bike when I got home from Europe at the ned of the season. I had been 18 months without any time off so it was a good time to try some other things.

When we caught up with you over at Interbike, you were working with Oakley. Can you tell us a little more about that? I have been sponsored by Oakley for a couple of years now and when I was over in the States last year they flew myself and some of the other Oakley girls down to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico for a photo shoot. It was awesome; we had a massive house and a private beach. It was totally ridiculous. Then just before Interbike I did a shoot with them for their RX range of prescription eyewear.

Words: Jonathon Taylor. "Temptation Island" Australian Mountain Bike Magazine, Feb/March 2004 Issue.

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